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Questions and Answers about the FREE Employee Prescription Assistance Program.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about our FREE Community Discount Drug Card Program.  If your question is not answered here, please email it to cs 'at '

1. Do these cards work with insurance?

2. Can cards be used right away?

3. How do I use a card?

4. Can cards be shared?

5. What drugs do cards cover?

6. What pharmacies accept this card?

7. Who do pharmacists call if they have questions about this card?

8. Do cards have to be shown every time a prescription is filled?

9. How so these cards save?

10. Can cards be re-used?

11. Do cards expire?

12. Can cards really be used for pets?

13. Can cards be used by non-resident aliens?

14. Can cards be requested for others?

15. Who provides my card?

16. Is my card really FREE?

17. Our group would like more information on your fundraising program - who do we contact?

18. We're a medical service provider (doctor, urgent care, vet clinic, lab, hospital) and would like to give a free prescription discount card to our patients. Can we link to your website? How do we request free cards? 


1. Does my card work with my insurance plan? 

The Community Discount Drug Card was developed to help those without prescription drug insurance, but can still save you money if you have prescription coverage. Here's when you can use the card to likely save some extra money:

a. If a prescription drug you're taking is not covered by your insurance plan.

b. If you have a pet that's on prescription medicine that you're getting from your local pharmacy.

c. If you have a high deductible to meet before your insurance kicks in.

d. If you're in a "gap period" in your coverage (sometimes referred to as a "donut-hole"). [back to top]

2. Can I use my card right away?  Yes, your card is pre-activated and ready to save you money immediately - just present it to your pharmacist every time you get a prescription filled and ask them to give you the discounted price on your prescription. [back to top]


3. How do I use my card?  Print out a FREE card from this website, cut out your card and carry it in your purse or wallet. When you're getting a prescription filled or refilled, simply present your card to the pharmacist and ask for your discounted price. Your card has all the information necessary information (on the back) enabling your pharmacist to give you the best price for your prescription. [back to top]

4. Can anyone else use my card?  Yes, you can share your card with anyone. You can copy it, print extras out, fax it, email it, post it on Facebook, Twitter about it - we encourage you to share your card because lots of other people you know could use the discounts too. [back to top]

5. What drugs are covered by my card?  Discounts are available for both brand-name and generic drugs - over 60,000 different drugs in the formulary. Keep in mind that many pharmacies have lists of already deep-discounted drugs (like Walmart's $4 & $10 Medication List). Your card saves you on regularly-priced prescriptions. [back to top]


6. What pharmacies accept my card?  Over 59,000 pharmacies nationwide accept the Community Discount Drug Card, including all major pharmacies like Walmart, Walgreen's, K-mart, Rite Aid, Glen's Market, Kroger, Costco, CVS, Publix, Sam's Club, and Target.  Below is a more comprehensive list of pharmacies that includes:


ACME Pharmacy Albertson's Pharmacy Bi-Lo Pharmacies
Brooks Pharmacies CUB Pharmacy Dillon Pharmacy
Discount Drug Mart Dominick's Drug Fair
Duane Reade Fred Meyer Pharmacies Fred's Pharmacy
Fry's Giant Eagle Harris Teeter
Hy-Vee Pharmacies Kerr Drugs Kinney's
Kroger Drugstore Long's Drug Store Marc's Pharmacies
Medicap Pharmacies Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies Meijer Pharmacies
OSCO Drug Pamida Pharmacies Publix Pharmacies
Quick Chek Pharmacy Raley's Randall's Pharmacy
Safeway Markets SAV-ON Pharmacy Shaw's Pharmacy
Shopko Pharmacies Shop-Rite Smith's Pharmacies
Snyder's Drugs  Stop & Shop Pharmacy Super D Drugs
SuperValu Tom Thumb Pharmacy Tops Pharmacy
Ukrop's  Vons Pharmacy Weis Market
Winn-Dixie This is a partial list of pharmacies.


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7. My pharmacist has questions about my card who should they call? If your pharmacist has a question about processing your discount, please have them call the Pharmacy Help Desk at 1-888-886-5822 (this information is on the back of every Community Discount Drug Card).  [back to top]

8. Do I have to show my card every time I get a prescription filled?  It won't hurt to ask for your discounted price each and every time you get a prescription filled/refilled to make sure you get the best price. [back to top]

9. How much do I save when using my card?  Savings vary from nothing to 65% or more, based on the prescription being filled. Your card is 100% free, so any savings at all is money in your pocket. [back to top]

10. How many times can I use my card?  You can use your card over and over again. [back to top]

11. Does my card expire?  No, your card has no expiration date. [back to top]

12. Can I really use my card for my pets?   Yes, as long as the prescription you need for your pet is being purchased from a participating pharmacy, your pet is considered a "member" of your immediate family. Keep in mind, this won't cover things like heart-worm or flea-and tick medicine, or routine vaccinations. [back to top]

13. Do I have to be a resident of the U.S.A. to take advantage of the savings?  No, anyone (legal resident or otherwise) can print out and use this card to save money on their prescriptions, anywhere in the U.S.A. [back to top]

14. Can I print extra cards for others?  Yes. You can print as many cards as you like to hand out to others by fax, email, mail, copy, or in person. [back to top]

15. Who provides my card?  Your card is provided by Discount Health Plans of America a public service to help lower the cost of prescription drugs for uninsured/under-insured Americans [back to top]

16. Is my card really FREE?  The pharmacy business is very competitive. As a result, pharmacies are willing to give extra discounts to earn your business. The cost of this program is 100% underwritten by the participating pharmacies - there is never a fee to print out or to use this card other than paying the discounted price for your prescription. [back to top]

17. Our group would like more information on your fundraising program - who do we contact?  Any group can distribute the Community Discount Drug Card to their members or supporters to help them save money. For information, please send your contact information to us at cs 'at' [back to top]


18. We're a medical service provider (doctor, urgent care, vet clinic, lab, hospital) and would like to give a free prescription discount card to our patients. Can we link to your website? How do we request free cards?  You're welcome to promote our site on your company website or blog. You can also print free cards here on our website. If you would like a large number of cards for your medical practice, please email us at cs 'at'  [back to top]

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